As tuition, fees, and related educational expenses increase at Virginia Tech and other leading engineering schools, scholarships and fellowships are becoming increasingly important. For the past academic year, in-state tuition was about $4,100, with out-of-state tuition averaging $11,000. Room-and-board expenses are approximately $4,000 per year. Engineering students also are required to purchase a personal computer package, and while this is an important educational component, it adds at least $2,500 to total academic costs.

Fortunately, undergraduate scholarships and fellowship support enable many of our students to pursue an education without an undue financial burden. On average, over 60% of our students qualify to receive funding or scholarships of up to $3,000 per year. Our departemt receives generous support from a number of corporate sponsors, alumni and agencies, many of which have been investing in our students for more than a quarter of a century.

Current contributors to our scholarship program include

Specially endowed scholarships include the A. P. Boxley Scholarship and the James L. Gilley Memorial Scholarship.

Our scholarship program provides assistance to all of our students and, in some cases, determines whether or not they will be able to attend a university at all. We have been very fortunate to receive consistent and generous sponsorship funding.