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Wencai Zhang

Assistant Professor
118A Surge Building


Mineral Processing; Flotation Chemistry; Rare Metal Extraction and Purification, Hydrometallurgy


B.S. Mineral Processing Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology, 2011
M.S. Mineral Processing Engineering, Central South University, 2013
Ph.D. Mining Engineering, University of Kentucky, 2017

  • Rare earth elements recovery and purification from coal-related materials;
  • Flotation surface chemistry of rare earth, sulfide, carbonate, silicate, oxide minerals, etc.;
  • Processing and beneficiation of low-grade, finely-dispersed ores;
  • Recycling and utilization of industrial and urban wastes;
  • Molecular dynamics and DFT simulation of chemical adsorption on mineral and material surfaces.
  • MINE 3534: Mineral Processing
  • MINE 4504: Materials Handling and Power Systems
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