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Rohit Pandey

Research areas

  • Experimental geomechanics
  • Flow in porous media
  • Mine system engineering


  • MINE 4624 Mine Water Reservoir Engineering


  • 2020: Li Z, Feng R, Liu J, Pandey R., "A simplified transient technique for porosity and permeability determination in tight formations: Numerical simulation and experimental validation," Energy Science and Engineering.
  • 2019: Pandey R, Harpalani S, "Impact of bioconversion on the strain response of coal reservoirs, Part 1: Experimental insights," Fuel, Vol 239.
  • 2019: Pandey R, Harpalani S, "Impact of bioconversion on the strain response of coal reservoirs, Part 2: Reservoir insights," Fuel, Vol 239.¬†
  • 2018: Pandey R, Harpalani S, "Imaging and fractal-based approach to understand reservoir-scale changes in bioconverted coal," Fuel, Vol 230.
  • 2017: Feng R, Pandey R, "Investigation of various pressure transient techniques on permeability measurement of unconventional gas reservoirs," Transport in Porous Media, Vol 120.
  • 2016: Feng R, Harpalani S, Pandey R, "Evaluation of various pulse-decay laboratory permeability measurement technique for highly stressed coals," Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering.
  • 2016: Pandey R, Harpalani S, Feng R, Zhang J, Liang Y, "Changes in gas storage and transport properties of coal as a result of enhanced microbial methane generation," Fuel, Vol 179.
  • 2016: Feng R, Harpalani S, Pandey R, "Laboratory measurement of stress dependent coal permeability using pulse-decay technique and flow modeling with gas depletion," Fuel, Vol. 177.
  • 2015: Zhang J, Liang Y, Pandey R, Harpalani S, "Characterizing microbial communities dedicated for converting coal to methane in situ and ex situ," International Journal of Coal Geology, Vol. 146.
  • 2015: Zhang J, Liang Y, Yau P, Pandey R, Harpalani S, "A metaproteomic approach for identifying proteins in anaerobic bioreactors converting coal to methane," International Journal of Coal Geology, Vol. 146.

Select industry projects

  • Improve long-hole stope performance by implementing a back-to-basics engineering study for blast designs.
  • Subsurface geological mapping via seismic characterization to improve mid- to long-term mine planning.
  • Design and implementation of carbon credit-focused mine methane management systems.

Honors and awards

  • 2019-20: Outstanding Dissertation Research Award, Southern Illinois University
  • 2018-19: Dissertation Research Award,¬†Southern Illinois University

Professional activities

  • Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Coal and Energy Committee Member
  • Chair in technical sessions, Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, 2018-23.
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Coal Geology, Fuel, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Natural Resources Research, Energy and Fuel, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, TIPM, and Arabian Journal of Geosciences.


  • 2020: Ph.D., engineering science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • 2015: M.S., mining engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • 2012: B.S., mining engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology

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