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Charles Lilly

Director of underground mining engineering
  • Peabody Energy

Charlie Lilly is a 1979 graduate of Virginia Tech's department of mining and minerals engineering and is currently Director of Underground Minining Engineering at Peabody Energy. During his time at the deaprtment, Charlie was a student leader and a very active undergraduate, serving as the Burkhart Mining Society President in his final year. Upon graduation in 1979, he entered the coal industry with Eastern Associated Coal. He has served in posistions for production and engineering, as well as mine management. With the mergers and acquisitions of the industry in the 1990s, he was moved to the main team at Peabody energy, where he was Director of Engineering for their worldwide operations prior to becoming it current Director of Underground Mining Engineering.

Charlie has been a strong supporter and engaged company partner for the mining and minerals engineering department's atmospheric monitoring and risk management research programs. He has taken department researchers on extensive mine tours of Peabody operations, both in the USA and Australia, and has facilitated a number of meetings and workshops for its teams.