Giving Day 2019

Virginia Tech's 2019 Giving Day was a great success for the department thanks to the rousing support of our Hokie Mining Engineering Community! We had a big goal of 75 donors to unlock a very generous pledge from two of our alumni, and we easily passed that mark before midnigh of the first day, winding our way to a final total of 107 donors! The engagment and financial support will have a tremendous impact on our department and help fund numerous student organizational travel expenses in the year to come.

We won’t know the total amount that was donated for a few weeks, but here are a couple of highlights:

  • Check out the College of Engineering Leaderboard, where you’ll see that our department had the fifth most donors out of all the departments, placing us higher than some much larger alumni bases.  We all know that our community is one of our great strengths and this demonstrates it.
  • After our recent move out of Holden during its rennovation, it was very encouraging to see how much our alumni care about our department.  Even though we are temporarily out of Holden our community is still strong.



Support the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering during Virginia Tech's 2019 Giving Day Event!

Demonstrate the support of Hokie Mining and Minerals Engineering alumni! Your contributions will help the professional development of our students by funding student travel to conferences such as SME, ISEE, and AGG1.  


Challenge Match!

Thanks to 2 generous alumni, a challenge match of $7,500, to be used for scholarships for first-generation students, will be unlocked if we can get at least 75 donors! Remember, it's not the amount, but the level participation!

Giving is Easy!

Any amount makes a difference.  To make a contribution on March 19th or 20th, simply follow the link below to the Virginia Tech Giving Page. Be sure to designated your gift to the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering by following these simple instructions:

  1. After selecting or namining the amount, choose "College of Engineering" from the "Select an Area" dropdown.
  2. Next, under the "Select a Fund" dropdown, choose "Mining and Minerals Engineering Annual Fund"
  3. Complete the rest of your personal information, and you're done!

Give to the Department Now!