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Giving to Mining and Minerals Engineering

The many accomplishments of our students and faculty are a direct reflection of the financial help we receive from alumni, friends and corporate sponsors. Nearly everything we do from paying our phone bill, to running our copy machine, to funding student programs is paid for in part by your donations.

As always, your support is critical to the continued health of our department.  We have three specific goals for year-end gifts:

  • Student travel, including SME, field trips, etc. ( goal = $7,300)
  • Computer Lab upgrades – ensuring that our students have access to current best IT facilities (goal = $24,500)
  • Alumni scholarship fund – supporting undergraduates based on financial need, academic performance, and leadership/engagement within the department (goal = $87,000)

If you would like to support the above goals through a donation or pledge, you may do so using Virginia Tech's secure online giving form. Be sure that your donation is designated specifically for mining and minerals engineering  department by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Virginia Tech Giving Page
  2. Enter your gift amount
  3. Select "College of Engineering" from the Select an Area dropdown menu
  4. Below that, in the Select a Fund dropdown, choose "Mining and Minerals Engineering Annual Fund"

Be sure you provide your personal information to complete the form!

We wish to thank all of our alumni, friends and sponsors who have donated to the Department already and help to grow and strengthen our program!