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Mining and minerals engineering is one of the oldest industries in human civilization and is present in almost every facet of modern society, from the copper wires used in electronics, to materials needed in road and urban construction, to basic energy resources such as coal or natural gas.

In fact, each American will use over 3.5 million tons of mining and minerals related products in his or her lifetime.

More than any other engineering discipline, mining engineers are involved in the widest range of specialties and processes. Our graduates find themselves involved with every aspect of turning mineral resources into useable products for everyday life, in a sustainable and responsible manner.  These processes range from mapping deposits, monitoring environmental impacts, designing blast and excavation sequences, selecting equipment, optimizing productivity and profit, managing personnel, overseeing health and safety, or purifying materials into the end product.

See what a Hokie Mining Engineer Does!

“My job is as cool as it sounds—I get to blow up rock just about every day.”

Josh Morris, Class of 2011

Mining Engineering as a Career

With energy costs always on the rise, well-trained mining and minerals engineers are some of the most sought-after and best-paid professionals in the nation.  Virginia Tech’s Mining and Minerals Engineering department boasts an active job placement program, with industry recruiters hiring many of our students throughout the academic year for both summer internships and permanent positions. The result is one of the highest departmental job placement rates at the university.

Our alumni love what they do and maintain strong bonds with the department. Learn more about our program and a career in mining engineering through their own words.