Explore Mining and Minerals Engineering

If It's Not Grown, It's Mined!

From farms to cities to every-day technological devices, mineral and energy resources are the building blocks of human society. But how do we continue to extract and develop these critical resources in a way that is safe and sustainable for both people and the environment?

Mining and minerals engineers answer that question by locating the places, applying the latest technology, and, most of all, creating the best solutions and ethical practices to develop these important resources.

Virginia Tech’s mining and minerals engineering department has been training smart, skilled, and resourceful mining engineers for over 130 years. Our expert faculty, top-notch academic program and strong industry ties help our students build a rewarding and challenging career in a field that is integral to advancing human society.

What We Do

From the metals in our phones to the Hokie Stone throughout campus, mining and minerals engineers provide the basic material and energy resources used througout the world.

Where We Work

Mining engineering is a hands-on, outdoors-oriented engineering field with opportunities to work around the globe.

Why Our Program

For over 130 years, Virginia Tech has been training the world's best recognized mining and minerals engineers.