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Mike Chizmar

Product Manager, Underground Feeder-Breakers, Komatsu

Mike Chizmar is currently Product Manager – Underground Feeder-breakers for Komatsu and is based in Lexington, Kentucky.    During his 42-year career in the mining industry, he has been associated with six (6) company mergers and company acquisitions.  He credits this as a positive for the associated companies, the products and his own personal growth.  The mergers and acquisitions brought opportunities to learn new products and their respective applications.  In addition, it allowed him to work with a variety of management teams with various operating philosophies that has helped broadened his knowledge and vision.

Mike’s previous positions include Vice President of Sales, Regional Vice President, District sales Manager and Sales Representative.  During his career, he has gained experience in underground and surface mining equipment and associated applications.  This experience is not limited to feeder-breakers (underground and surface) but also includes continuous miners, battery haulers, shuttle cars, continuous haulage, battery powered scoops (LHDs), reclaim feeders, sizers, and belt conveyors.  His product serves many different mined minerals such as coal, phosphate, potash, salt, gypsum, trona, copper ore, gold ore, limestone, etc.  In addition to mining, his product serves power plants, cement plants, ports, truck load-out facilities, quarries, etc.   

Mike graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS degree in Marketing Management in 1977.  He extended his education through various industry related classes and management seminars to further advance his career.  He became a member of the Virginia Tech Mining and Minerals Engineering Advisory Board in 2017.