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Laura Berra

Senior Mining Engineer, Skelly and Loy, Inc.

For over the past 22 years, Ms. Berra has worked at Skelly and Loy, Inc., a Terracon Company, as a project manager.  She is now a senior mining engineer and manager of the mining engineering service group of Skelly and Loy.  Her primary role in the company includes preparation of new noncoal surface mine permit applications and revision applications and preparation of mine and reclamation plans for aggregate producers throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Other types of projects Ms. Berra oversees include due diligence investigations, property valuations, reserve studies, market studies, and NPDES permitting.

Many of these projects have involved depth revisions or lateral expansions and have included overseeing a wide range of services varying from environmental investigations, importation of reclamation fill, cultural resource analysis, groundwater modeling, and erosion and sediment control design. Many of these permitting actions have required the design of reclamation plans and the calculation of reclamation bonds including costs for such items as backfilling/earthmoving, drilling and blasting, selective grading, revegetation, tree planting, pond removal, and demolition of structures. She has worked to develop a positive relationship with the regulators and serves as a liaison between mining companies and the regulatory agencies.

Ms. Berra received her B.S. degree in Mining and Minerals Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1996 and went on to receive her M.S. degree, also in Mining and Minerals Engineering, from Virginia Tech in 1998.