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Corey Viers

Vice president of operation support
  • Vulcan Materials, Mideast Division

Corey Viers is the Vice President of Operation Support for Vulcan Materials’ Mideast Division. Born and raised in Blacksburg, Virginia, Mr. Viers earned his B.S. degree from Virginia Tech’s Mining and Minerals Engineering department in 2001.

After graduation, Corey started his career with Vulcan Materials as an operations trainee in Winston-Salem, NC. Throughout his career he has held numerous operational positions from Supervisor to Plant Manager of multiple quarries in the Winston-Salem area, before being promoted to Area Manager of Vulcan’s Charlotte area in 2015, overseeing 5 key operations for the division. In 2017 he was promoted to Director of Operation Support for the Mideast Division and later advanced to Vice President in 2020 with the additional responsibilities of Engineering for the division. Current responsibilities include quality control, drilling, blasting, process engineering, project engineering, automation and all maintenance responsibilities from central electricians and mechanics.

Corey is a member of the North Carolina Mining Commission appointed by the Governor as well as an active member of the NC Aggregate Association. Additionally, he serves on the Vulcan VWO “Vulcan Way of Operation” team as a representative for the Mideast Division. He has served on the Virginia Tech Mining Engineering Industry Advisory Board since 2021.