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Built for the Mine is an educational partnership between mining industry entities and the Virginia Tech Mining and Minerals Engineering Department to present hands-on leadership training and industry mentoring to student leaders earning a mining engineering degree. Built for the Mine exposes students to the value of serving as young leaders and utilizing their education and strengths to improve the mining industry. The program prepares students for entering the job market by enhancing goal-setting, improving interview and resume skills, developing professional paths, networking with industry leaders, and granting them access to internships and employment opportunities.  


The mining industry has seen a shift in the advancing technology it uses. The vision of Virginia Tech's Mining and Minerals Engineering Department is to incorporate advancing technologies, such as data analytics and equipment automation, into its course curriculum, with strong support from the educational partnership program embodied in Built for the Mine.


Data analytics paired with equipment automation has set a higher bar in mining operations for improving efficiency gains in extraction, analysis, transportation, and processing by sharing critical information, synchronizing resources, and coordinating responses in real-time. The implementation of data analytics and equipment automation has motivated companies to embrace technological changes and to begin using operational intelligence for both short and long-term business planning.

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Erik Westman, Professor, Virginia Tech Mining and Minerals Engineering.

Warren Lucero, IT Manager, Virginia Tech Mining and Minerals Engineering