Department of Mining & Minerals Engineering

GOI Projects

Correlation Of Microseismicity, Seismic Tomography, and Shield Pressure at Willow Creek Mine,” Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Pittsburgh Research Lab

24-Channel Geophone Array for Horizontal or Vertical Boreholes,” US Department of Energy, Federal Energy Technology Center

CAREER: Stress Redistribution Imaging for Rock Failure Prediction,” National Science Foundation

ITR: Adaptive and Real-Time Geologic Mapping, Analysis and Design of Underground Space (AMADEUS),” National Science Foundation, with M. Gutierrez, M. Mauldon, J. Dove, D. Bowman

Technical Assistance with Microseismic System in Underground Stone Mine,” Nat’l Inst. of Occupational Safety and Health, CDC

EAGER: Forecasting Subsequent Seismicity using Double-Difference Tomography,” National Science Foundation

Seismic Tomography for Carbon Sequestration Risk Analysis,”  URS / Dept of Energy – NETL

Double-Difference Tomography for Sequestration MVA,” Dept of Energy, NETL
Transparent Earth/Seismic Imaging Team,” DUSEL, NSF MREFC, no funding to date