Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Mining and Minerals Engineering Department is to produce high quality, rigorously trained mining and minerals engineers, whose background and education reflect the current level of technology and thought of the profession, and who can enter directly into engineering practice or, alternatively, into graduate school for further study.

Educational Objectives

Alumni of this program, within a few years of graduation, are expected to possess:

  • the intellectual ability to critically assess and tackle any engineering problem they may encounter;
  • the communication skills to communicate technical information to a variety of audiences, including technically-trained supervisors and subordinates as well as non-technical members of the work force and the general public;
  • the leadership and team building skills to lead projects and function as entry-level managers as well as work productively as members of a team
  • an understanding of the practical aspects of the mining industry and an appreciation for mining as a business; and
  • an awareness of societal issues and how these issues affect their roles as future professional engineers working for the general benefit of society.



The B.S. degree program in Mining Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,