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Degree Requirements

Enrollment and Registration

All students are expected to be knowledgeable of and to comply with all university requirements for degree completion as outlined in the Graduate Policies & Procedures and Graduate Catalog. Enrollment and registration procedures are described here. Other general academic information is described here. A step-by-step listing of what you need to do to graduate is listed here.

Advisor and Advisory Committee

All students must identify a Graduate Advisor (major professor or committee chair). The Graduate Advisor provides (i) guidance in selecting graduate coursework, (ii) allocating departmental work assignments, (iii) supervising research and scholarly work progress, and (iv) overseeing the report/thesis/dissertation preparation required of each graduate candidate. The Graduate Advisor will also assist the student in the formation of an Advisory Committee during the first semester of study. Polices related to the formation of the Advisory Committee are listed here.

Credit Hour Requirements

University credit hour requirements for degree completion are those identified in the Graduate Catalog (Graduate Policies & Procedures) effective for the academic year in which the student files their Plan of Study. If the requirements change after filing (e.g., cases where the governance system has set new policy to be effective at the beginning of the next academic year), the graduate student may choose, but is not required, to abide by the "new" requirements. A listing of the current credit hour requirement for advanced degrees is listed here. Non-traditional graduate students accepted into the departmental may also be required to complete a suite of preparatory courses, which are not counted for graduate credit. Please follow this link for more information.

Plan of Study

All graduate students must submit an approved Plan of Study. Policies related to the submission of the Plan of Study are listed here.

Graduate Examinations

All MEng, MS and PhD candidates are required to submit a report/thesis/dissertation and to pass a final oral defense administered by their Advisory Committee. In addition, PhD candidates are required to pass both a Qualifying Examination and a Preliminary Examination. All examinations must be scheduled to meet deadlines and procedures specified by the Graduate School (see link). The only exception is the Qualifying Examination, which is scheduled and administered through the department only. The request for a Qualifying Examination should be initiated by the Graduate Advisor though the Graduate Committee Chair. Please see the linked form for more information about the Qualifying Examination requirements.