Department of Mining & Minerals Engineering

MinE Students

Virginia Tech’s Mining and Minerals Engineering department is dedicated to producing high quality, rigorously trained engineers who are prepared to meet the challenges of a professional career or continued academic research. Our students are exposed to an extensive range of traditional mining engineering studies while also developing critical skills in laboratory research, written and spoken communication, and professional leadership and ethics.

One of the largest mining engineering programs in the nation, the department graduates 40-50 students a year who find themselves in challenging careers around the world with specialties such as mineral economics, metallurgy, geological exploration and facility design.

If you are a prospective student and would like to learn more about the field of mining engineering, our program, financial aid, and student life, read more under “Prospective Students” below, or listen to what our Alumni have to say.

Current students will find links to frequently used resources, such as course descriptions, student organizations, and industry recruiter information and schedules.