Department of Mining & Minerals Engineering

Graduate Program

flotationOffering the M.S., the M.Eng. and the Ph.D. in Mining & Minerals Engineering, our department's graduate program prepares students for high-level, challenging efforts in research, development, design, industry, university teaching, and government.

Interdisciplinary programs of study leading to the degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. also are available in environmental science and engineering, material science and engineering, computer science and applications, and systems engineering.

Our graduate program recognizes and meets specific needs of the industry and its professionals with a program that strives to

  • Upgrade technological skills of practicing engineers
  • Encourage the pursuit of doctoral-level work among qualified industry professionals
  • Provide an opportunity for professionals to further their education and reorient their career opportunities.

Graduate students play a crucial role in our department's sponsored research program, and each student is afforded the opportunity to participate in creative and challenging projects which often lead to publication.

Graduate Program Requirements

Requirements for admission, as well as forms and information for applying to the graduate school, can be found at Virginia Tech's Graduate School.

The following forms are required to enroll in and complete the graduate program or to request an independent study.

  1. MinE Graduate Plan of Study Form
  2. MinE Annual Graduate Student Progress Evaluation Form
  3. Course Justification Request


The Virginia Tech Graduate School now requires applicants to upload transcripts during the application process rather than mail paper copies. More information concerning transcripts and the application process is available at the Virginia Tech Graduate School. Former or currently enrolled Virginia Tech students need not submit Virginia Tech transcripts when applying to the graduate school.

Financial Aid

Graduate students receive a wide variety of support and financial assistance through programs such as

  • Assistantships
  • Fellowships
  • Federal traineeship grants
  • Department grants
  • Department hourly payroll