Department of Mining & Minerals Engineering


Virginia Tech's Mining & Minerals Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs expose students to an extensive range of studies that comprise mining engineering, mineral exploration, evaluation, development, extraction, processing and conservation. Courses are designed to introduce students to the intersecting environmental and economic factors that affect resource development. Students' professional development is facilitated by an emphasis on leadership, written and spoken communication and professional ethics. The department's laboratories and nearby pilot plant allow for hands-on experience with the most current technology in the industry.

The Undergraduate Program is one of the largest in the nation and is recognized throughout the industry for producing highly trained, competent mining and minerals engineers ready to meet professional career challenges.

The Graduate Program offers M.S., M. Eng., and Ph. D. degrees in mining and minerals engineering while preparing students for high-level, challenging efforst in research, development, university teaching and government work. Graduate students participate in some of the most critical and innovative research projects in their fields using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.