Thank You to Our Donors

Each year the department faces the challenge of securing sufficient funds to operate. Our annual budget allocation covers most of the faculty salaries and some of the staff salaries, but little is provided for the day-to-day operations (telephones, copying machine, supplies, etc.). Nearly all of our operating revenues come from research overhead, interest on our endowment, and gifts from our alumni and friends. In fact, as our student body grows, gifts from our alumni, friends and corporate sponsors are so important to us. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the following donors for supporting our department and mission during the 2016 calendar year.

Class Donors

Barbery, Wilma S. (in Memory of Paul S. Barbery, Class of 1959)

Bucklen, O.B. (Class of 1959)

Kilgore, Bill (Class of 1957)

Van Meter, Horace (Class of 1959)

Bucklen, Jerry (Class of 1962)

Reggel, Walter S. (Class of 1968)

Schrader, Sam and Judith (Class of 1963)

Skaggs, Gary (Class of 1968)

Suboleski, Stan (former Department Head, Class of 1967)

Womble, William L. (Class of 1965)

Artrip, Patrick S. (Class of 1979)

Bates, Dan (Class of 1979)

Breedlove, John and Diane (Class of 1979)

Henderson, Roger and Jean (1972)

Hibbitts, Charles (Class of 1974)

LaGesse, Melissa and Donald (Class of 1977)

Quillen, Michael (Class of 1970)

Ross, Timothy (Class of 1977)

Smith, Bryan (Class of 1979)

White, David J. (Class of 1974)

Abbatello, Steven (Class of 1980)

Albert, Randy (Class of 1980)

Bartkoski, Mark (Class of 1981)

Brown, Michael (Class of 1983)

Denton, Thomas (Class of 1982)

Compton, Timothy B. (Class of 1983)

Craynon, John (Class of 1982)

Ensminger, Mark (Class of 1981)

Mullins, David W. (Class of 1983)

Prelaz, L. David (Class of 1984)

Stover, Gary (Class of 1982)

Tussey, Joe (Class of 1982)

Whipkey, Ronald (Class of 1983)

Barksdale, Drew (Class of 1998)

Berra, Laura and Benjamin (Class of 1996)

Boyt, John (Class of 1995)

Bush, Terry (Class of 1996)

Deibel, Jeffrey (Class of 1993)

Ellis, Jennifer (Class of 1998)

Jablonski, Dianna (Class of 1990)

Knowles, Kenneth N. (Class of 1998)

Nylund, Kelly and Blake (Class of 1990)

Bowyer, Bandon (Class of 2013)

Burton, Michael (Class of 2012)

Ellis, John. E. (Class of 2005)

Luxbacher, Kramer and Mark (Class of 2002)

Miller, Joanna L. (Class of 2006)

Murphy, Crystal and Tyslon (Class of 2006)

Rawls, Aaron (Class of 2001)

Sadtler, Daniel (Class of 2010)

Sprick, Paul (Class of 2006)

Van Arsdale, Chris and Kara (Class of 2006)

Wauford, Johnathan (Class of 2013)

Yarborough, Jay (Class of 2009)

Young, James (Class of 2006)

Other Donors

Adel, Greg (Professor and Former Department Head)

Anderson, Rachel

Andrews, Steven

Billlings, Virginia (wife of the late George Billings, Class of 1953)

Dooks, Wendy-Lee

Farley, Phillip

Gibson, Alice (wife of the late Raymond Gibson Class of 1950)

Gleason, Mike (Advisory Board Member, Austin Powder)

Hafker, Lisa

Harris, Mike (Advisory Board Member, Joy Global)

Mrs. Leslie G. Horigan

Koermer, Gerald S.

Laba, Ed and Patricia

Lucas, Eric

MacCormac, Michael

Martin, Mary M.

Poling, Anna L.

Schmid, Loren P.

Stephenson, Bill

Wiler, Marianne (mother of Jeff Wiler, Class of 2007)

Cameron Smook Memorial Scholarship

Foster, Andrew

Merkle, Elizabeth E.

Phippen, David

Stine, Mary M.

Corporate Donors

Appalachian Technical Services, Inc.

Arch Coal, Inc.


Carroll Engineering Co.

Cleveland Brothers



Luck Stone

Martin Marietta

Massey Foundation

Minerals Refining Company LLC


Paschal Associates, LLC

Precision Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Vulcan Materials Company Foundation


Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

If you donated recently to the Department and your name is not listed above, please contact us. We strive to ensure that our information is accurate, and we want to know if a mistake has been made. It is also helpful if you specify “Mining Engineering” on your check to ensure that your donation goes directly to this department. If you donated directly to the Burkhart Mining Society or one of our other student organizations, note that these donations do not come through the department. Nevertheless, these contributions are very important to us and we thank you for helping our student activities. Finally, if you prefer to give on-line, use the link below to make a donation via credit card and be sure to follow the instructions to ensure that your gift goes directly to Mining and Minerals Engineering.